Whether it's Bird/Magic, Shaq/Kobe, or Ali/Frazier...individual rivalries create some of the most compelling sports moments and leave lasting images that burn into our brains forever. For my money the Sean Avery vs. Martin Brodeur battle has been the most intense and personal.

I'm not sure if the rivalry is 100% back, but it took a very public turn this week after Sean Avery was eliminated from 'Dancing With The Stars'. Brodeur decided that this would be a good opportunity to get a little dig in on his old rival...so he took his shot.

During an interview with NJ.com the Devils' legendary goaltender quipped:

“What more could he do to embarrass himself?” Brodeur said with a chuckle. “There it is!”

Well, Avery has never been one to simply roll over and take criticism lightly (especially from Brodeur). He fired back on Twitter:

The nanny tweet is a reference to Brodeur's supposed infidelity (he has also been accused of sleeping with his wife's sister) and pending divorce. 

The tweets are definitely low blows, but what did Marty expect when he referenced Avery to a reporter? He knew it would become a story and he should have known not to wake a sleeping bear. Avery doesn't play in the NHL anymore, just let him go away quietly.

BTW...the "Fatso" knickname that Avery has for Brodeur is one of my favorite nicknames of all time. Pure comedy gold and Avery doesn't hide it. He doesn't even use the term "Brodeur" anymore...just "Fatso".

Looking forward to more great exchanges from these two. Maybe Sean Avery can be Martin Brodeur's introductory speaker at his hall-of-fame induction. Doubtful.