The Mississippi Rebels beat the Auburn Tigers 8-5 on Friday night, but what the boxscore doesn't show you is how they actually won the game. Let's break down the video.

- Horrible editing that they didn't include the live version of the play on the YouTube video.

- Auburn pitcher Jay Wade is going to take all of the heat for this, but I put partial blame on the catcher. This isn't little league. When setting up for an intentional walk you have to stand up fully and get your hand well out into the outside batter's box. The catcher was in a half crouch and he dinosaur-armed the target.

- Good on Austin Anderson...take what they give you. I've had the opportunity to do the same thing many times but I just couldn't pull the trigger because I assumed teams knew how to pull of a proper intentional walk and I wasn't fully ready to swing.

- Braxton Lee on Ole Miss is an idiot (nice hair though). When a guy hits a walk-off homer you don't go out and greet him at second base. Anderson thought he was going to be murdered right around the SS position because Lee charged him. Wait for the dude at home plate and destroy him when he gets there...which is exactly what the rest of the team did.

- College baseball need to switch to wooden bats.