Do you think the New York Jets' players like their head coach Rex Ryan? The answer is pretty obvious after watching their reaction to the announcement that Rex will be back as coach in 2014.

The Jets were in a celebrating mood after beating the Raiders 20-7 to scrape-and-claw their way to an 8-8 record this season. Team owner Woody Johnson decided that the moment was right to make the Rex Ryan retention announcement in the locker room in front of the players. 

It's clear that the players really like their head coach and they must have a feeling of pride in knowing that they played their asses off and saved his job.

Watch the full video here on the Jets' website. (can't embed the video)

H/T - Deadspin for the GIF

Until he wins a Super Bowl title...this will be what I think about every time Rex Ryan's name is brought up. Nothing wrong with a little foot fetish, Rex.