North Dakota State Basketball is not something many people follow, outside of maybe North Dakota. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but it isn’t easy to find Summit League basketball on TV. Maybe when the tournament starts and the inevitable upsets start happening we’ll get to learn our fair share of NDSU or another Summit League team.

Saturday sophomore guard Khy Kabellis was working extremely hard and trying to do the right thing and the basketball gods simply wouldn’t reward him. Kabellis was chasing a ball out of bounds and while falling out of bounds he flipped the ball back into play. The problem, it ended up in the wrong basket.

The good news was the Bisons still won the game by double digits so we can chuckle at the silliness of this guilt-free, on the downside he will never be able to live this down. He even took to Twitter to to poke fun at himself.

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