Week 17 in the NFL featured broken hearts, shocking finishes, more horrible missed calls by referees, and some fired coaches. Here are my picks for the good, the bad, and the ugly for this week.

The Good:

Sophomore wide receiver Marvin Jones of the Cincinnati Bengals showed incredible concentration while hauling in his 10th touchdown of the season. The Bengals went on to defeat the Ravens 34-17, and this catch was a big reason why.


The Bad:

Detroit Lions punter Sam Martin shows what all punters and kickers in the league want to do every time a potential tackle opportunity comes along. Most people have too much pride to completely bail on a tackle, but not Martin (especially in Week 17 with nothing on the line). Gotta protect that body for a busy off-season of leg lifts and squats.

The Ugly:

Robert Griffin III is a little bit bored sitting on the bench for the Washington Redskins...either that or he is an alien. You know RG3 wants to be out there, at least he won't have to deal with Shanahan anymore.

RG3 Does Weird Things With His Tongue