It should be a good time to be a Mets fan, you're basically the best professional sports team in New York City and I’m not sure there’s even a debate about it. Opening Day was yesterday so enthusiasm is at a fever pitch, even if your injury prone pitching staff is already adding names to the DL.

One Mets fan that wasn’t smiling was Frank Fleming, who was commuting from New Jersey to see his beloved team play. Unfortunately, after some public transit issues interrupted his trip to Citi Field. Fleming missed the start of the game and said it took him five hours to reach the ballpark and about as long to get home.

I completely understand if you have zero sympathy for this dedicated fan, he was going to a baseball game. Just a game… sports shouldn’t be taken so seriously, there’s always next year etc. However, his meltdown is so captivating - The irrational passion, his hat falling off his head and his voice breaking under the stress.

But I side with Frank, Opening Day is one day out of the year and he clearly was excited for it and likely dropped some serious cash on tickets. If your a Mets fan this could be a special season and he wanted to see it started off in style.

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