On Wednesday night against the Philadelphia Flyers, Nathan Gerbe of the Carolina Hurricanes scored on a beautiful between-the-legs breakaway deke that is sure to spark a bit of debate in hockey circles.

The between-the-legs breakaway move has been seen several times this season, and is quickly becoming a go-to move for some skilled forwards.

We saw this move earlier in the season when Tomas Hertl of the San Jose Sharks scored his fourth goal of the game in a 9-2 thumping of the New York Rangers. When Hertl pulled off the between-the-legger it was the first time many had seen the move performed in a non-shootout situation and many panned the goal as arrogant and "rubbing it in".

Now that a few months have passed we have seen the move used several times in non-blowout situations. We saw it in December at the World Junior Championships and also once in the KHL. And these are only the times that we've actually seen it work.

Basically, the point of this blog (other than an excuse to showcase Gerbe's sweet goal from last night) is to point out that the between-the-legs breakaway move should now be accepted as a legitimate hockey play. It's tough to stop as a goaltender, it's relatively easy to pull off, and it looks great on a highlight pack. Win, win, win.