Drafts in professional sports are a scam, I understand why they’ve become the industry standard in North America but at the core they’re pretty gross.  The idea that you reward the worst team from the previous season by giving them the first opportunity to pick from the incoming talent is something that wouldn’t make any sense outside of sports.

From a labour prospective your forcing young athletes to work for a minimum of five years for an organization they don’t necessarily want to work for.  And who could blame them, why would any talented football player want to move to Cleveland and play for the Browns for five years.  That’s your reward for being the best player in your draft class?

This is the situation facing Texas A&M defensive lineman Myles Garrett  who proved over the weekend at the NFL Combine that he’s the best player heading into the draft.  Garrett’s measurements were overwhelming and now he’s going to get drafted where NFL prospects go to die, unless your name is Joe Thomas.

An NFL executive has described Garrett as a "job saver."

First Garrett blew away everyone away when the 272 pounder ran a 4.64 40-yard dash.

Not only was that the fastest time for anyone at his position:

It was faster than they top quarterback prospects in the draft:

And only a few NFL starting quarterbacks ran a faster time during their time at the combine.

Garrett went full freak of nature, when he switched over the standing vertical leap and the 272 pound man jumped 41 inches. 

Just saying:

Garrett has been compared to former South Carolina star and current Houston Texans defensive end Jadaveon Clowney since Garrett got to Texas A&M (Garrett broke Clowney’s SEC freshman record for sacks), and his blistering 40 and Combine performance only furthers that comparison.

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