I never thought that a YouTube cartoon about some hockey dudes who play for a team that I despise could be so entertaining...then along came 'The Dewey Show'.

Created by filmmakers Chris Pavlica and Zach Baumgartner, 'The Dewey Show' follows Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty during the off-season as he competes with the master party animals Mike Richards and Jeff Carter to throw an "epic rager".

The series parodies the lives of the Kings players and even includes a guest appearance by former teammate Dustin Penner in episode 2. You just know that there has to be some Darryl Sutter parodies in future episodes.

The series uses a unique hybrid of live action video and cartoon images. The creators sat down with Puck Daddy for an interview to discuss the show and the process:

Q. What inspired this lunacy?

One day during the Western Conference Finals we were wondering just what kind of life these NHL players have outside of the rink. A goof-ball like Drew Doughty sleeps all day, has an insanely messy home, and makes more money during sixty minutes of hockey than most of us make in a year. He's at the top of the league, two Cups, two gold medals and he's freaking 24 years old.

That’s the big question for us: What the hell is life like for a guy like that? Since we have no idea, we decided to make it up.

Aside from his play on the ice, the only real connection fans have to these guys are the video packages that are broadcast between periods (or short clips from NHL 36, 24/7, etc). Even though we had limited knowledge, Dewy is the cornerstone of this strong franchise and whether you love him or hate him, everyone seems to have an opinion of him.

From the little that we've seen about these guys... it was pretty clear to us that they were interesting and funny characters - so we said, “let's make something happen.”

Then, of course, the first thought is: Who the hell is going to watch this? The audience will be extremely small. But, any time you do something creative, you have to throw any negatives away. So we decided it would be fun. Screw it. Hopefully people like it, but it'll be fun to do. We still have this mindset since we have no idea what people will think, but we smile when we watch it. So it's worth it so far.

Q. That tech you're using is alternately creepy and awesome. How was it developed? Have you used it before?

Well, we knew no one was going to finance this so we had to do it all ourselves by hand. Neither of us are cartoonists or classical animators so we sought a solution that would look good and also not take an eternity. We knew we wanted nicely drawn faces but we didn't have the heart to beg a favor from some cartoonists we know. Instead we outsourced it. The internet is a crazy, sometimes-helpful, place. But that's where it ended... we received some Photoshop layers and that's all. The rest was on us for writing, shooting, acting (miming might be a better word), tracking, animating, voicing, editing, VFX, etc.

Animating full bodies would take too long so we thought up something we hadn't seen before... real bodies, animated, cartoon faces. We weren't sure it'd work but we went for it and we loved it from the start. It looks so weird and creepy but we wanted to laugh every time Dewy smiled... so we trudged forward into what we believe is somewhat unknown territory.

Our voices make up most of it except for Zach's good buddy (and comedian) Joey Long. We knew we needed someone with more pizazz for Dewy and Joey has been perfect.

Q. Which Kings are you most looking forward to getting onto the show, from a comedic potential standpoint?

We have a long list of ideas for future episodes and most of them are built around certain characters. We need to get an artist involved again but we might be able to enlist some pros … this time we'll stay away from the Internet and instead pull resources from our talented teammates in the local men's hockey league.

As for the characters we have in mind... some are Kings players but we have some opposing teams' players that we'd like to work into the show. Our sights are set on some annoying rival players i.e. Logan Couture. That guy was born with a face for radio. We'll use that to our advantage. And real-life Dewy is best buds with him so I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

We also would love to get Hall-of-Famer Bob Miller in there. Jim Fox is a must. Maybe even local-favorite Patrick O’Neal, who knows... but Pia's gotta make an appearance.

We're hoping those whom our characters are based upon think it's funny. We definitely mean no harm and have tried to keep it fun-loving and tasteful. Maybe we'll even convince some of these people to voice their own characters. That'd be awesome.

And, yes...Pia Toscano should definitely make an appearance on the show.