Alright, here is my full competition bracket for the 2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament. I will be entering this same bracket across four different pools. Make fun of it, criticize it, praise it...totally up to you. 

I went with a ton of chalk in the first round and mixed it up from there. I really wanted to bring San Diego St. all of the way through to the Final Four, but really ran into a coin-flip situation with the Wisconsin game in the Elite 8. Arizona is the most beatable #1 seed on the entire bracket, IMO. The Creighton/Wisconsin game could make-or-break my bracket season. I will never forgive "Dougie McBuckets" if he ruins me.

Everyone seems to be taking Michigan St. to come out of the East Region. I wanted to mix it up, but I realistically can't see them losing to Virginia...which should give them a fairly easy path to their matchup with Florida in the Final Four.

The Midwest Region, obviously, is the toughest to predict. There are a couple of potential upsets in the first round that will not impact the Elite Eight teams in this region. NC State could beat St. Louis and Arizona St. could beat Texas in the first round. Overall, however, this group will come down to Wichita St., Louisville, Duke, and Michigan. As much as I wanted to put the Shockers in the Final Four again...Louisville is simply too well coached, too deep, too experienced, and too skilled. Too bad for Wichita State that they has to draw the Cardinals in the Round of 16.

I have Florida as my eventual champions and I really don't think anyone in the South Region can take them down. Every other top seeded team in their quarter has some question marks while Florida has none. They are top ranked for a reason.

I'll put up some update blogs as the tournament goes along, so everyone can see how poorly I am doing.

Best of luck with your brackets.