Yasiel Puig has taken quite a bit of heat this season for his home run (or near home run) bat flips...well, he's got nothing on this dude from the Korean Baseball Organization.

On May 8th, Hong Sung-heon went 3-for-3 with a pair of huge home runs. Below is a video of the epic bat flips following the pair of bombs.

I'm getting a little bit sick of the old school prudes across Major League Baseball taking issue with Puig and his on-field antics. He doesn't give a damn who he's offending, he's young, he's charismatic, and he's having fun playing a kid's game. Opposing pitchers will take things into their own hands if they feel offended by his actions. As long as they don't hit him above the neck it's all good. Baseball will police itself without the old purists flapping their gums from the press box.

The Korean league gets it. Ever since Manny Ramirez played over there last season they have been going viral on a near-weekly basis for one thing or another. Baseball is fun. Baseball players are entertainers. Go for it.

Jenrry Mejia had fun for the Mets on Monday night:

Haha...remember this Korean bat flip from last season?