On Monday night, in ballparks all across America, fans were getting squashed by grown men and getting smashed in the face by baseballs. It's a lot of drama...all in the pursuit of a $5 souvenir.

Our first video is this Los Angeles Angels fan who fell on top of an old lady. Judging by the look on her face she clearing didn't come to the game expecting to get her shoulder crushed by a 200 pound mosh-pitter.

"My shoulder! My shoulder!"

Next up we have this poor dude in Cleveland who had is man-card yanked away by an Asdrubal Cabrera end-of-inning crowd toss. His coordination was a bit of a problem as he totally whiffed on the ball and it smashed him right in the face. He was clearly hurt and forced to slink his way back to his gorgeous girl for some extra attention...unfortunately for him, she was probably looking for better man-options seconds after this pathetic display.

Keep up the good work, America.