If we’re being honest, injuries dominated Week 5 and it was soul crushing. Two of the marquee stars (OBJ and JJ) of the league was lost for the season and it left a cloud over the NFL on Sunday.

We couldn’t expect things to get better on Monday as two of the most boring teams in the league were playing. The Vikings started Sam Bradford at quarterback and it became quickly clear that he wasn’t healthy enough to be on the field and the Bears threw out rookie Mitch Trubisky, who couldn’t beat out Mike Glennon during training camp.

Happy to report that I was wrong.

The Vikings won the game 20-17 and pulled off arguably the best team celebration of the NFL season. The Vikings broke out into a game of ‘duck, duck, goose’ after a Kyle Rudolph touchdown.

The Bears lost (but covered) to their NFC North rivals but there were signs of hope. Mitch Trubisky proved not to be a dumpster fire and there is clear potential and they pulled off one of the coolest two-point conversions anyone has ever seen.

The Bears did see one streak come to an end.

This ended their streak of winning 14 straight coin flips, which has a probability of happening one out of 16,384. If your a Bears fan, at least if you have the Cubs… right?

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