This comes from a PSA done by the Miami Heat and Michelle Obama during the recent White House visit by the NBA Champions. The video's a PSA (eat your fruits and veggies kids). The poorly acted sketch, however, gave birth to a fantastic dunk-bomb GIF.

Michelle Obama Posterizes Dwyane Wade, Then Mean Mugs

This GIF has it all. Too young to be a multi-time NBA champion coach Spoelstra laughing it up with the guys, Wade and Allen acting surprised, LeBron taunting and then getting out of dodge, and the hilarious 'Mean Mug' from the First Lady.

Ten years ago, who would've thought that videos like this would be coming out of the Oval Office.

Here is the full PSA...not as good as the GIF (althought there is a Bosh-bomb).

Side Note: Is there anything more disgusting than listening to someone eat an apple. I'm a big apple guy, but I hate listening to the crunching, and chewing, and slurping that you have to do to properly eat the little round fruit. Anyway...just thought of that.

H/T - Deadspin for the GIF