It’s been more than 20 years since Space Jam first arrived and became obligatory viewing for basketball fans, more specifically Michael Jordan fans. Most people remember the film fondly and makes the majority of lists of great basketball movies, if only because there’s a shortage. And while most of us haven’t seen the movie in years we remember it fondly through child eyes.

ScreenJunkies is a popular YouTube channel that has a an ongoing series of Honest Trailers, where they give a more updated, slightly twisted and witty summary of the movie. Lately, they have been releasing ‘fan appreciation’ videos.

This week they tackled the Michael Jordan-led basketball film and charmingly ripped it to spreads pointing out that it is a 90 minute commercial for Looney Tunes, Jordans, Hanes, McDonalds among other products. They also touch on the piss poor job done by the officials during the ‘big game’.

While the movie definitely doesn’t hold up I’m glad the soundtrack got a shout out, because it was so awesome good. Now I’m certainly ready for a LeBron James-led Space Jam 2, with some moderate improvements to the storytelling.

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