Mia Khalifa is a Washington D.C. sports junkie and generally very good at Twitter. Numerous athletes have tried to slide into her DM’s over the years and been torched because of it. Mr. Irrelevant Chad Kelly quickly comes to mind as someone that has repeatedly suffered the wrath of the famous porn star.

Things didn’t go so well for Khalifa last night when she threw shade on Isaiah Thomas height during Game 6 between of the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards.

Nothing ridiculous or cruel, I’m ignoring the common sense of someone reported to be 5’2’ clowning a 5’9 professional basketball player and All-Star about their height. Not everyone seemed to enjoy her attempt at humor as the tweet quickly backfired and social media rallied to stick up for the little guy.

Khalifa did get the last laugh as the Wizards won the game and forced a Game 7.

And for anyone still reading, your obligatory Mia Khalifa (SFW) Instagram pictures.



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