Mia Khalifa is known for publicly shaming athletes when they try to slide into her DM’s, but it appears we can all learn something from Houston Texans rookie Deshaun Watson. It looks like he did things the right way and is in good standing with the former Porn Star.

Watson celebrated his 22nd birthday on Thursday, and Khalifa wished him a happy birthday over social media. She also shared a video trying to posterize the former Clemson quarterback.

No chance Texans fans are happy about this coming out hours before the rookie is making his first NFL start. It could be a lot worse Texans fans, she isn’t a Kardashian.

The 24-year-old Khalifa grew up in the Maryland area and is a huge sports fan has a strong presence on social media. She frequently tweets about her love of DC Area sports teams and the Florida State Seminoles. Which makes this kinda weird, Watson went to Clemson an ACC rival of the Seminoles.

Anyway, I hope Watson plays well tonight. There will be a mountain of irrational hate falling down on these two if things don’t go well. And for athletes, we know how there is hope with Khalifa.

It appears the hate already started on Twitter.

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