Marquette King is a really good punter and by far the internet’s most popular. This might be news to you, but trust me I am right and I once stayed at a Holiday Inn. The Raiders’ punter is pure entertainment and is taking full advantage of the state carnival atmosphere the Pro Bowl is going with this year.

King finished the season third in punting average at 48.6 yards per punt and top 10 in net average 41.4 and longest punt with a 72 yard boot. The Pro Bowler took to Twitter to show that he can do more with his feet than simply launch booming kicks and can place the ball where he wants, like in a basketball hoop attached to a goalpost.

Is there a way we can get him into a shooting competition against any NBA sharpshooter?

Or even the dunk contest? King showed us in a video earlier this week he released this Mr. Perfect-inspired punt to yourself dunk combo.

Yeah, I know that’s fake but don’t let the truth get in the way of a fun video. Not all of King’s videos are necessarily great ideas, not sure what the hell was going on with this recent trip to the grocery store.

King brought in special guest star Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. for some more trick shot videos from the Pro Bowl. They even brought in some props.

King is freak of nature and just because of his talent, he’s doing the impossible and making punting cool. No one has been able to do that in the history of football. Keep up the good work!

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