This is a horrible idea.  The risk reward for this doesn’t make any sense - so many things could go so bad so quickly.

How angry are NBA mascots watching this video?  Are they worried for their jobs?  Do they have to practice this now?

Botond Dajka and his dunk show team Lords of Gravity, were performing before an NBA 3X streetball event in Spain.  

I've spent many hours on YouTube seeing, what I thought was, every type of dunk imaginable. This is probably the most original and athletically impressive.

For me, the funniest part of this video is that this gymnastics team with a basketball is way more excited about pulling off this trick than the crowd is about witnessing it. The 50-or-so people standing court-side are not at all excited about what they just saw. This certainly isn't an 'AND1 Strretball' crowd...

"Yeeeaaahhhhh!!!! I did it!!!!!!"