This Miami Marlins fan was officially eliminated from the "Father of the Year" race this week after he ditched his son while trying to chase down a baseball that bounced over the fence during a spring training game.

If you watched the full video, you certainly saw that the kid was not harmed and the father actually made a pretty miraculous save in the end. You gotta be pretty quick in order to catch a wagon barreling down a hill...especially one that already has a nice head-start on you. BTW, who parks a wagon on a hill anyway. There must be a better place to park it, or a better place for the kid to be sitting.

The moral of this story is that baseball brings out the worst in parents. Of all sports, you see more incidents like this occurring at baseball games. 

Parenting is a tough gig. You have to be on your toes at all're like a Secret Service agent for your family. Baseball, however, gives parents the false illusion that they can let down their guard. It's played in the summer, tickets are relatively inexpensive so the games become a full family adventure, daddy is stressed and he just wants to relax and have a cold beer. All of these factors usually add up to someone getting on Sportscenter for all the wrong reasons.

Baseball is a summer escape. A day at the park. An excuse for daddy to get drunk during the day while still on family duty.