Another great day of college hoops on Saturday. That Wisconsin/Arizona game was as dramatic as it gets on the hardwood. The ending of the game was interesting, however.

Arizona's Nick Johnson getting whistled for an offensive foul with two seconds left in overtime was an absolutely horrible call. At most this was a non-call...and really should have been a defensive foul on Wisconsin.

The Wildcats and their fans have to feel a little bit shafted by the officials.

P.S. - Glad Dayton finally got eliminated. Sick of riffling through pages and pages of less-than-stellar cheerleader talent.

* Just remember that when it comes to these upset cheerleader photos...they can't all be USC, Florida St., or Oregon. We are going to be dealing with some mid-majors who feature a much smaller "talent pool" than the bigger schools. I'll try my best. 

If you come across any better pictures for these schools, feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@PSDRedZone) or Facebook (PSD RedZone) and I'll add them to the list.

Wisconsin Badgers

Florida Gators

Even though I'm, pretty much, done in my bracket pools I'm going to continue posting some comments in here.

2-for-2 tonight with both Florida and Wisconsin getting through to the Final Four. Still three of my Final Four teams alive, but Louisville losing yesterday will haunt my dreams.