Wow! What an awesome night of basketball on Friday night. Four games on the slate and three of them were won by the lower seeds and the excitement level was through the roof.

UConn, Michigan State, and Kentucky all pulled off upsets and will be featured in the images portion of this blog.

Time to step on my soap box for a minute. We need a little more of a stagger of the start times for these Sweet 16 games. The late games last night were on the exact same timeline for the entire night and they were both classic battles that came down to the wire. Not everybody has multiple T.V.s to watch these games at the same time (like me) so I think a one hour stagger on the start times makes a ton of sense. Louisville and Virginia both had chances to win (or tie) in the end and both games ended at the exact same time. Not fair for the television viewer who were forced to make a choice.

* Just remember that when it comes to these upset cheerleader photos...they can't all be USC, Florida St., or Oregon. We are going to be dealing with some mid-majors who feature a much smaller "talent pool" than the bigger schools. I'll try my best. 

If you come across any better pictures for these schools, feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@PSDRedZone) or Facebook (PSD RedZone) and I'll add them to the list.

Connecticut Huskies

Michigan State Spartans (they haven't been featured in the Upset Cheerleaders blog they get two):

Kentucky Wildcats

Solid night, yet also a tough night, for my bracket last night. I hit two of the three upsets, but I also lost one of my finalists (Louisville). It's pretty bleak right now because, as I talked about yesterday, I needed to go perfect the rest of the way to win my pools. Losing Louisville will simply be giving away too many points in the next two rounds.

I will gain some ground on the leaders if Wisconsin knocks off Arizona, but it probably won't be enough because my Midwest is so blown up.