Come on...seriously...Dayton again? I'm getting sick of searching the internet for half decent pictures of the Dayton Flyers cheerleading squad. Not that there is anything wrong with being mediocre (this entire cheer-team is mediocre) but it makes it tough for me to find really good pictures to post in the 'Upset Cheerleaders' blog. Stop winning, Dayton!

So, the Flyers were the only upset on Day 5 of the NCAA Tournament. I was really rooting for San Diego State for both my little photo gallery here and my bracket (but we'll get into that a bit later).

On to the rule is four pictures per day, but all we have to choose from is Dayton so I am flipping things around a bit today. I am adding a pair of photos from #1 seeded schools because they are unable to pull off upsets and they have pretty solid libraries of images to choose from.

* Just remember that when it comes to these upset cheerleader photos...they can't all be USC, Florida St., or Oregon. We are going to be dealing with some mid-majors who feature a much smaller "talent pool" than the bigger schools. I'll try my best. 

If you come across any better pictures for these schools, feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@PSDRedZone) or Facebook (PSD RedZone) and I'll add them to the list.

Dayton Flyers

These are the true Dayton Flyers cheerleaders

Arizona Wildcats

Florida Gators

As for my bracket, my chances of winning any of my pools dropped significantly with the Arizona win over San Diego State last night. The Aztecs had that game in the palm of their hands for most of the night, but once Nick Johnson decided to start making was all over.

My Final Four is still all intact, but only winning two out of the four games on Thursday has cost me some valuable ground at a very important time. If I had someone other than Florida winning the whole thing I may be able to get away with a poor performance, but half the entries also have Florida winning so points will be tough to make up.

I need to go perfect the rest of the way.