We are going to run this as a daily feature every morning following an evening of NCAA March Madness action. Cheerleader pictures from the schools that pull off upset wins and, of course, a daily update on how my bracket is progressing.

There were four upsets on Day 1 of the tournament. Pittsburgh was favored by Vegas, but we will go with upsets based on event seeding which means that Pitt was a 9-over-8 win against Colorado.

Just remember that when it comes to these upset cheerleader photos...they can't all be USC, Florida St., or Oregon. We are going to be dealing with some mid-majors who feature a much smaller "talent pool" than the bigger schools. I'll try my best.

Pittsburgh Panthers

Harvard Crimson

Dayton Flyers

North Dakota State Bison

There you have it. Overall, it was a pretty good Day 1 of basketball action. Four upsets and plenty of stress for the higher seeds who survived. There were four overtime games yesterday which is a single day record for the NCAA tournament.

On to my bracket. Survival was the order of the day on my sheet as well. As discussed in my initial blog about my bracket, I went with plenty of chalk in the first round. Because of all of the favorites I, obviously, lost the four games that were upsets. The good news for me is that all of my teams who were eliminated were scheduled to lose in the next round anyway. My entire Sweet 16 is still intact. Overall, a pretty lucky day for me.