Washington wide receiver John Ross was the star of the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine this weekend, but he had the advantage of wearing sneakers. Detroit Lions reporter Tori Petry actually managed to break six seconds wearing heels.

Petry decided to pull a Rich Eisen and run the 40 at the combine wearing her work clothes—which, in this case, consisted of a sweater, leggings, and heeled boots.

​Running a 40-yard dash is hard enough as it is. There is a specific form that needs to be followed to get the best time, and even the slightest variation in technique could throw your whole time off.

Amazingly, Petry pulled off a pretty solid 5:98. That’s a hair slower than Rich Eisen’s personal best of 5:94 seconds.

Ok, Eisen… the balls in your court.

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