Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder is the best pure scorer in the NBA...and, whether he likes it or not, he has a new nickname. Yesterday, a simple comment by a Reddit user dubbed him the "Slim Reaper" and now it has gone viral.

Durant already has a pair of nicknames, but nothing with the flash and potential as "Slim Reaper". Around the NBA, and in the media, he is currently known as "K.D." (not really a nickname, only initials) and "Durantula" but I expect these to quickly get pushed aside by his new moniker.

As if the name wasn't awesome enough, a graphic designer put together this amazing picture of the new Kevin Durant. 

Don't fear the reaper. He won't hurt cha'...he'll just put up a 40-spot right in yo' grill.

For now, it appears that Kevin Durant does not share the love of his new title. But guess what, Kevin, we don't get to choose our nicknames...they choose us. Deal with it.

h/t - Pixelf*** for the awesome pic