Tuesday was, of course, Jackie Robinson Day across Major League Baseball. Every player in the league honored the great baseball pioneer by wearing Jackie's #42...and Dodgers' legendary announcer Vin Scully had a story about that.

It's, basically, a funny little story where Robinson's teammate Gene Hermansky suggested that the entire Dodgers team wear #42 in order to confuse the people who were threatening to come to the ballpark in Cincinnati to kill Jackie. Hermansky suggested that if they all wear the same number, the shooters wouldn't be able to tell which player was Jackie Robinson.

Silly...yes. But I'm sure it broke the tension during an extremely tense time in the Dodgers' locker room. It also shows a bit of the relationship between Robinson and the rest of his teammates.

It goes without saying at this point that Vin Scully could tell a story about the time he made plain toast for breakfast and it would be entertaining.

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