UFC fighters Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have really taken their promo game to the next level. The pair square off in the octagon at UCF 178 on September 27th and had a couple of incredible confrontations this week.

I'm always a skeptic, so in my opinion both of these video were staged events in order to create viral buzz for their battle at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. That doesn't makes them any less fun to watch.

Their busy promotional week started on Monday with a press conference in the lobby of the MGM Grand. When the pair converged for the standard nose-to-nose stare-down photo opportunity chaos was the order of the day.

Jones went for the forehead touch, Cormier didn't appreciate it and pushed him away, and Jones came back swinging...crumbling the entire set in the process.

Later on Monday, the combatants appeared on ESPN for interviews about their upcoming bout and also to talk about the media conference brawl from earlier in the day. Well, on Friday ESPN released some "hot mic" footage of the pair's verbal exchange following their interview.

Here is the video but allow me to warn you that it contains some very offensive language.

Offensive language

Offensive language

The pair were pretty convincing in both videos, but there is no doubt in my mind that these are both promotional tools being used by the UFC in order to sell arena tickets and PPV buys during a sagging summer season.

Even though they're staged, they make for a couple of very entertaining clips. I really want Cormier to spit in Jones' face on September 27th, just to see how he reacts.

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