Can you feel the burn, ladies? Well, it has nothing to do with Johnny JamBoogie's aerobics instructing skills. It might be time to visit the doctor and get some medicated cream...this guy's been places.

That's right. Johnny Manziel is all dressed up and ready to deliver as aerobics instructor "Johnny JamBoogie" in this new Snickers commercial set for TV release.

It looks like Johnny Football is about as good at teaching fitness classes as he is at staying out of trouble and winning starting jobs in the NFL.

Ouch...feel the burn, Johnny.

"Who has a pelvis?"

In all seriousness...solid acting job. I can always respect someone who is willing to poke fun at themselves for comedy. Could a Saturday Night Live hosting gig be coming his way during the upcoming TV season? We'll see.

The weirdness of the commercial got even weirder with the appearance of this "Cleveland Browns player" who clearly hasn't seen the field since the Jim Brown era. Nice casting choice.

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