Last week Jeff Francoeur went viral by getting pranked for an entire month by his El Paso Chihuahuas teammates, well this week Jeff got a little bit of payback while on the field.

The Chihuahuas were spanked a couple of times this week by the Las Vegas 51s and "Frenchie" was inserted into games on both Sunday and Tuesday as a relief pitcher. We see this sort of thing all of the time when teams are getting blown out in order to save regular relief arms...but rarely do we see the same position player used as a pitcher twice in one week.

The great part of this story is that Francoeur threw perfect 1-2-3 innings in both appearances and looked great in doing so. To complete the payback is the fact that Jorge Reyes (the Chihuahuas' relief pitcher who pretended to be deaf in the epic prank) also appeared in both games and allowed four runs over his two full innings of work.

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Since Francoeur is only hitting .197 as the Chihuahuas leftfielder, maybe it's time for a change for the 30-year old in order to get back to "the show".

Here is the video of the month-long prank that the team pulled on poor "Frenchie".