Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is terrifying. The 38 year old, former NFL Defensive Player of the Year is a real life monster. His workout regime is internet famous as he often shares his workouts on Instagram. He is a bad man and one of the fiercest competitors in NFL history.

The latest clip to make the rounds is Harrison playing Dannyball. Dannyball was created by trainer Ian Danney and is a two-on-two game played on a beach volleyball court. The idea of the game is to throw a 10-pound medicine ball over a volleyball net and catch it/throw it back over the net as quickly as possible.

Not only is he doing this madness but he’s out in the scorching heat which seems like a recipe for disaster for anyone not superhuman. If you have more questions check out this video explaining the training method.

James Harrison is such a beast.

Meanwhile... somewhere, in a gym that mortals frequent.

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