Jacksonville Jaguars fans had a good Week One and you could feel the optimism around the franchise. And that all kind of died yesterday in true Jaguars fashion as they crapped the bed in their home opener against a division rival.

The Jags were outscored by the Tennessee Titans 17-0 in the third quarter and ultimately lost 37-16. Even with a new coach and millions of dollars spent on free agency talent, some things just don’t change.

While the Jags on the field still are struggling and make the same mistakes year after year, their fans have discovered a new way to entertain themselves.

If you guessed a grown man belly flopping into a kiddie pool filled with mayonnaise, you were right. And there was also a marriage proposal, cause what screams like true love like a mayo belly flop contest.

I am going to guess the winner is nippled taped Batman? If there is such a thing.

Mayo in the sun, what’s wrong with football fans?

Your turn BillsMafia, step up or step down.

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