I love a good bat flip and find it annoying that it isn’t universally embraced by the baseball community - I’m looking at the current fun police poster child Jake Arrieta. The gold standard for bat flips comes from the other side of the Pacific Ocean where they’ve been killing it for years.

Things have improved in North America, largely thanks to Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista after he finished off the Texas Rangers during the 2015 postseason. That epic bat flip has helped breed a new generation of stateside talent that isn’t afraid to have fun on a baseball diamond.

Enter Austin High Schooler Dakota Lemon, who absolutely uncorked a ludicrous bat-flip after going yard in a recent game. It’s fair to ask what went further the ball or his bat?

Ohh and Lemon is a repeat offender, check out this glorious effort.

I like this man’s style, hopefully the growth of bat flipping continues and the make baseball fun again movement can continue to thrive despite the salty older generation trying to regulate fun.

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