There’s been a shift in the way NBA minds think and evaluate basketball. If you read any type of sports criticism or commentary online, you can’t help but stumble upon it. However, this new train of thinking hasn’t made it to Inside the NBA yet. This isn’t shade on the always fun TNT crew, they’re more entertainers than anything else at this point and they’re always entertaining.

Take for instance last night when during halftime of last night’s Thunder-Rockets game, for reasons I’m not even curious about, the crew of Inside The NBA threw some auto-tune on. A small part of me kind of wishes Shaq and Chuck were permanently on auto-tune, not the whole show, maybe a segment per week.

Too bad Barkley is morphing into the ‘get off my lawn’ type of old man and sulking because he couldn’t make his point. Someone is going to have to explain to him that it’s 2017 people tune in for the jokes and to scoff at his outdated view of basketball, not his insight.

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