So, is running this awesome contest that they are billing as the 'World Fantasy Baseball Championship'. They are sending the top 70 qualifiers to Vegas to play fantasy baseball live and in-person...I am going to Vegas.

I am going to play in this contest. I am going to qualify for the Vegas leg of the championship. I am going to justify my reputation around the office as THE fantasy baseball guy. FanDuel may as well send my plane ticket now and pencil me in for the Rain Man suite.

This is truly a very cool contest.

$5 Million World Fantasy Baseball Championship on FanDuel

Are you ready for fantasy sports to change forever? ProSportsDaily’s partner FanDuel will make one fantasy enthusiast $1 million richer as part of its World Fantasy Baseball Championships. The WFBC is a weeklong celebration of America's pastime featuring eight separate events with a staggering $5 million in guaranteed prize money.

The million-dollar dream comes true for one FanDueler in the $3-million Daily Fantasy Baseball Championship Final. Seventy players will qualify through leagues held throughout the season - running for as low as $10 per entry - and will be flown to Las Vegas for one of the greatest experiences a sports fan could ask for. To learn more, head to the WFBC homepage located here.

While the Championships are something to look forward to for later this summer, FanDuel runs one-day fantasy baseball leagues every day of the season. The $2 “Squeeze” is a league that runs every day with first place winning up to $2,000. Click here to join today’s $2 Squeeze.

When building your FanDuel team for today, make sure all of your players are in their team’s starting lineups. Good luck!