During a media scrum at his locker on Monday, Bulls' center Joakim Noah was visibly shaken when a reporter informed him that it was snowing outside. Oh, Mr. Noah...I can totally identify.

The scrum started off so positive. Noah was spouting off about spring, sunshine, and warm weather...when one of the reporters dropped the bomb.

The average PSD reader may not realize that we are located in Canada. We are on the east coast and are used to pretty easy winters when compared to some other unlucky North Americans. We usually get hit with 3 or 4 decent snowfalls every winter...but this cold season has been particularly brutal.

This winter season started early and lasted well into late March. The last few days have been beautiful and we really thought that spring was ready to take over full-time. Temperatures in the 70's, that weird yellow globe blazing in the sky, and kids out playing in the streets in t-shirts. 

Then I woke up this morning and checked the weather report.  Showers starting this evening and lasting well into Wednesday. OK, I can live with that...I read on. Temperatures dropping overnight and the possibility of snow showers? What!?!?

I had the exact same reaction to reading the weather report as Joakim had to getting his bad news. It's almost painful at this point and I am 100% done with this cold, white crap.

Worst. Winter. Ever.

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