Ayesha Curry has taken her internet fame level to another level in the last 24 hours. She accused the NBA of being rigged, dumped on the Cavs organization for leaving the Warriors team families in the back of the arena, and members of the Cavs staff of racially profiling her father.

Not the kinda Thursday night she was expecting when she woke up yesterday morning and she’s since apologized for her part in things. In a perfect world, that would be enough but there’s one man in sports media that doesn’t accept apologizes until he’s gotten to talk. Enter Stephen A. Smith, who just needs to spit out his opinions on how players wives should act.

For some reason that makes no sense to me, Ayesha Curry felt obligated to respond to the talking head.

And boom, back Stephen A. with the return volley.

Did anyone pay attention to Harrison Barnes the last couple games. The guy that turned down a $60 million extension in hopes of landing 100+ million this summer. Any chance you can talk about him on your national television sports show? Instead of people’s wives blowing kisses.

In fairness, I’ve never watched a minute of First Take on television and from what I see via the internet, its a good life choice.

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