A couple of Mets fans made headlines this past weekend for their hilarious signs heckling San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence. The signs were tasteful and funny and they quickly went viral and started a bit of a trend. Well, Pence responded on Twitter on Wednesday night.

We'll start our review with the original fan signs:

As the Giants moved on to Milwaukee (a fan-base never really known for their originality) the signs continued to pop up in, what appears to be, an in-stadium promotion by Kohl's:

Hunter Pence is a character guy, so he chose to acknowledge the trend by posting a couple of great responses of his own on Twitter:

Pence's girlfriend Alexis Cozombolidis also got in on the fun:

Good fun all around. I'm sure this trend will continue for a little while and we'll be keeping our eyes out for more great stadium signs from fans. I'm sure once the Giants return home the fans in San Francisco will have a full rebuttal to the trend.


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