With the Sochi Olympics only a month away, and the bitterness of a silver medal in 2010 still burning on their chest, the players named to the USA hockey team are starting to heat up at the right time. Here is some video evidence featuring Ryan Miller and Patrick Kane from yesterday. 

Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres is the odds-on favorite to be the starting goaltender for the American team throughout the Olympic event. Miller has been fantastic all season long for Buffalo and has really bounced back from a couple of sub-par seasons since Vancouver 2010.

This 'save of the year' candidate came in the final two minutes of a tie game (a game in which Buffalo ended up winning in a shootout) and just proves that Miller is all set to take on the rest of the world.

Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks is one of the most gifted snipers in the entire world. Kane can score from anywhere, at any time, on anyone. Video evidence below.

The greatest hockey tournament in the world only comes around every four years. I'm ready...and, clearly, so is Team USA.