Born on March 1st, 1914, legendary baseball broadcaster Harry Caray worked 25 years for the St. Louis Cardinals, one year for the Oakland A's, and 11 years for the Chicago White Sox...but he will forever be remembered for his 16 years with the Chicago Cubs.

Confession time...I'm a Cubs fan. My childhood memories of Harry Caray are the latter years. The weirdness factor was off the charts on most days and his actual play-by-play of the games was "interesting" and "entertaining". 

What most people (including me) don't remember is that during his prime Harry Caray was one of the best in the business. In 1989 he was awarded the Ford C. Frick Award by the Baseball Hall Of Fame and he is also a member of the American Sportscasters Association Hall Of Fame and the National Radio Hall Of Fame. They don't just give those awards to broadcast booth clowns.

Pop culture parodies and impressions by people like Will Ferrell and Ryan Dempster will keep the clown-like antics of Caray at the front of everyone's mind. While they do make me laugh, they also make me a little sad that this is how Harry Caray will be remembered.

Here is the real deal...Happy 100th birthday Harry. We miss you.