Golf Digest created quite a little stir when they selected Paulina Gretzky to be on the cover of their recent 'Fitness Issue'. Well, now they have released a small behind-the-scenes video.

When the photos were released a couple of weeks ago there was quite a bit of backlash from the golf particular a bunch of jealous female golfers. Paulina Gretzky may have absolutely no credibility in the golf world, but she is much better to look at than some pudgy, gnarled-up golfer. 

I'm sorry, but I didn't invent marketing. I didn't invent the fact that people aren't going to pay attention to Golf Digest putting a golfer on their cover as much as they reacted to Golf Digest putting a non-golfer, non-fitness guru, non-model on their cover*. Hmmm...why do you think car magazines put bikini girls on the cover? TO SELL MORE MAGAZINES TO GUYS! Paula Creamer isn't going to do that.

* I just checked out her Wikipedia page and apparently she actually is a model, not just the daughter of Wayne and Janet who went full internet sleaze for a few years and is currently engaged to Dustin Johnson.

Here is the quick little video that Golf Digest has released.

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