You can’t really get mad at the NFL for this one. After posting a picture on Instagram that shows him smoking a suspicious cigar while on vacation, New York Giants linebacker Jonathan Casillas tweeted out a text message he received from the NFL.

That’s the No Fun League for ya, never missing a moment to throw shade on their employees. The idea that this drug test is ‘random’ is pretty hilarious, at the same time you can’t be surprised if your Casillas. The last thing the league wants is players sharing photos like this over social media, i’m not accusing him of anything, he tagged the Instagram post with:

“Hand rolled Dominican cigar and ATV’s… great combination!! #iknowitlookslikeablunt #andIprobablyshouldnthavepostedthis #butthepicsolit #shoutouttotheshooter,”

As long as this cigar was an actual cigar he has nothing to worry about. Consider this a warning to NFL players, the league is always watching and they have no issues trying to embarrass/fine/suspended you.

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