The Giants don’t appear to be a very good football team and yet they still get the prime time national television games. I’m not saying they are bad, but they don’t appear to be worthy of their schedule. Eli looks toast and their games aren’t even fun to watch these days.

Even Giants fans are disgusted by their teams' performance, one fan was so upset during MNF that they literally threw up. Maybe, there was some overconsumption in there as well.

Yeah, if you vomit on someone anywhere, I recommend leaving right away. Don’t think, just leave the area and hope they don’t follow you. Staying around and mouthing off to them is a great way to catch a slap.

Over in Oakland, things on the field have been great 2-0 both convincing double-digit wins. That isn’t going to stop Oakland fans from like acting like they’re from Oakland though. These Raiders fans got into a street brawl outside of Oakland Bart Station over an Uber?

Both these fights are fun… I’ll always enjoy someone that pukes on someone catching a beating and that Raiders fight features a couple one-hitter quitters.

Always fun to see football fans act like idiots and then criticize players for being immature, love it.

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