On Tuesday night in Houston, an Astros fan did something that nobody every thought would be possible. She trumped 50 Cent and Miss Texas as the worst first pitch of the 2014 baseball season...and maybe the worst of all-time.

I don't see how a first pitch could get any worse than this. This nice young lady clearly had a death-grip on the baseball and wasn't 100% sure when to release that grip. The only way that I could see a first pitch going any worse would be if the ball goes backwards or the thrower's arm flies off like a bloddy projectile.

This may not get as much attention as the 50 Cent "effort" earlier this season in New York for a pair of reasons...she is not famous (it's easier to make fun of famous people) and it didn't happen in New York (nobody cares about Houston baseball games).

At least she got a hug from the idiot mascot to make her feel better. I HATE MASCOTS! Although it looked like a warm, fuzzy hug on television...it was probably sticky from old cotton candy and iced cream and it probably smelled like that weird guy who sits in the cubicle next to you who wears the same sweater everyday for the entire summer.

Terrible display Miss...whatever your name is. Don't come back.

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