In the sports world Sunday’s belong to the NFL, however, preseason football doesn’t count and season seven of Game of Thrones is much watch TV this summer.

In a questionable mission north of the wall to capture evidence of the army of the dead, Jon Snow and his suicide squad found themselves surrounded on a frozen island. Shocking, I know. However, luckily, like in the “Battle of the Bastards,” right before Jon Snow’s crew could be killed, someone came into save the day late, this time that person being Dany and her dragons.

As Dany and her dragons come to their rescue, the Night King launches an ice spear into Viserion – causing the dragon to fall to his death in the frozen lake.

After the Night King launched that spear with incredible arm strength and accuracy, sports fans hit Twitter with vengeance. All with jokes trying to put together a find a spot in the sports world for him.

First, the NFL fans jumped in.

Then, the javelin community.

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