Playoff hockey is without question the best hockey on the planet and nothing is a better example of how ludicrously tough NHL players are, or how much toradol is pumped into their system.

Columbus Blue Jackets rookie Zach Werenski attempted to use his stick to block a shot by Phil Kessel in the second period of Game 3 and had the puck fly up off his stick and hit him under his right eye. Werenski immediately dropped to the ice with a blood gushing from his face, to make matters worse the Pittsburgh Penguins retained possession and scored.

Werenski returned for the third period wearing a full-face shield after receiving stitches. However, he was unable to play in overtime because his vision was impacted by the swelling of his eye.

Turns out the defenseman suffered a facial fracture and will be out the remainder of the season. In saying that the Blue Jackets are down 3-0 so there won’t be many games left for them anyway. The likely Calder Trophy finalist suffered a facial fracture and came back to play in the same game and was forced out because his eye had swollen so much his vision was limited. That is one tough bastard.

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