One of the first things you're taught if you play baseball, softball, wiffle ball, or hell soccer baseball. You never slide into first base, especially hands first, you always run it out. Someone seemed to have forgotten that advice, and she learned the hard way.

During a recent game, this unknown softball player was trying to beat out a ground ball to the pitcher and she failed in a special type of fashion. She messed up so bad her slide turned into yoga pose and not the kind of yoga pose that regular people do.

That looks so scary and hilarious.

While reading some of the comments, people are pretty outspoken that she wasn’t sliding and that her cleats got stuck in the clay and she lost her balance. Maybe that’s true, it doesn’t change the message in this post - don’t slide into first. The only maybe acceptation is a high thrown and your trying to avoid a tag.

Also, don't drive near baseball fields if you don't have to.  Bad things can happen.