Jay Williams was an incredible basketball player that dominated college basketball while he was at Duke. The point guard was billed as Jason Kidd with a jump shot and won the Naismith College Player of the Year and a National Championship.

Over the last few season Williams has been working for ESPN as a college basketball analyst and he’s really good at it. Something the #2 pick from the 2002 NBA Draft is not good at is Pictonary.

During a March Madness-themed game of Pictionary on live TV, Williams was attempting to draw a Duke Blue Devil. He tried to draw notorious tripper Grayson Allen tripping a player, but his illustration ended up looking much more NSFW.

Williams recognized his mistake and very quickly erased it, but not quickly enough for the camera. The problem with live TV in 2017 is that somewhere, someone is watching and have DVR capabilities. So, when you draw two stick figures looking like they’re having sex, that will find its way to social media and live forever.

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