Dwight Howard is one of the easiest punching bags in the NBA, finding supporters of the former Magic, Laker, Rocket and Hawk is a difficult task. Reports came out last week that Atlanta Hawks players screamed in joy when he was shipped out of town.

The three-time NBA defensive player of the year is playing for the Charlotte Hornets now and is showing off some new talents during the preseason.

Yup, that’s Dwight Howard going coast-to-coast in 2017, which isn’t a thing that should ever happen. Good old NBA preseason and your waste of time games where stupid stuff like this happens.

If we are being honest with ourselves Point Howard going coast-to-coast isn’t good news for Hornets fans. I get that the NBA has changed and Howard needs to evolve if he ever wants to be relevant in the new NBA where shooting and spacing are paramount.

Speaking of players that are in the twilight of their career, RIP Boban. You had a fun stretch of being a popular mythical figure, but we can put a wrap on all that now.

Don’t worry D12 haters, the old Dwight is still in there.

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