A few weeks back we learned that JaVale McGee is getting tired of being the butt of jokes. McGee lashed out to at Shaq for his constant clowning and expressed his desire to be taken more seriously - his teammates quickly lined up to defend him. That doesn’t mean they’re above teasing the ‘Shaqtin a Fool’ legend.

A little backstory, Draymond Green is known for being a prankster and JaVale McGee got some revenge on his teammate by providing blankets for the entire team with Green’s sleeping face on it.

Well… Draymond got his revenge today as there was new toilet paper in the bathroom at the team facility. And why do we know this? Because multiple Warriors players posted photos of the toilet paper, which has Javale’s face on it. How’s that for team building?

Hopefully this isn’t the end of this. This has the making of a great prank war. Next move is to you Mr. McGee, the bar has been raised.

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